Jamie Maddox

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Jamie Maddox could you please introduce yourself to the squashnet.de readers?
Hi I’m Jamie maddox and I founded the facebook group ‘Squash Stories’ around ten years ago but it has really grown in the last four years.

Have you played squash yourself – what is your background on squash?
I was a late-starter in playing Squash… didn’t pick up a racket until I was 21 years of age but by 25 I was the club champion at two different clubs, and playing division One in the North West counties leagues in England.
I eventually played in the British Open a few times which was a dream come true for me. I coached at The Village Hyde Squash club and Glossop leisure.. coaching one junior to National team standard and I am currently work with a full-time professional player.
I now play at Tame Valley Squash and Tennis club where we have achieved Division One status… counting Declan James and Sam Todd amongst our first team players… I hope to play in the Masters tournaments when squash starts again soon.

Why did you create Squash Stories, and what was your intention?
I created Squash Stories as a bit of fun for like-minded team players to tell their stories of which most of us have quite a few and to pay respect to the Squash legends of the present and the past some of who I can now count as good friends… there was no intention to become anything other than that.

Your site has a picture showing a girl with a racket and a boy with a book in his hands. What is the meaning of the picture?
The site picture is of an innocent-looking boy and girl which is a deliberate contrast to the site itself which regularly breaks out into conflicts and disagreements….anything but innocent!

Is Squash Stories more “serious hobby” or do you try making is commercial successful in the long run?
Squash Stories is just a hobby…of course I could make some money out of it but I do feel this would compromise the integrity of the forum..
Plenty of brands have offered me free equipment etc but I always refuse on the basis that not being connected in that way gives me the freedom to speak my mind and give honest views even though it sometimes gets me into trouble!

You are a supporter of Mohamed Elshorbagy, and you do not hide this preference in your comments.
My admiration and support for Mohamed Elshorbagy first started after I saw him beat james Willstrop about five years ago in Manchester…his all-round game and determination but particularly when I heard him speak when interviewed after that game left me in no doubt he was the kind of person I wanted to nail my colours to the mast for.

The preference for Mohamed is not the only comment from you, you give a strong opinion to many of the themes on your side. Most admins/editors are trying to be neutral, not you. Please explain your strategy behind this.
There seems to be some kind of thinking that an Admin of a group should turn into a neutral reporter-type person…I’m a Squash FAN and an MES FAN….liken me to any passionate football supporter watching their team and that is how I am on the forum…remember that it’s a free forum where all members can post as much or as little about their favourite players as well..not just me…maybe I’m just a better supporter than most?
If I was forced to be neutral I would throw my PC out of the window.

Apart from Mohamed, who are your 3 female and 3 male favorite actual and your all-time favorite players?
My three favourite male players of all time apart from MES and Marwan are Del Harris, Qamar Zaman and Brett Martin. Female are SJ Perry, Michelle Martin and Lisa Opie.

The person who has had the biggest impact on me is without a doubt Rob Owen who as well as being a great player himself is I believe the only real Genius in the game today.